THE BARCODE BANDITS got together in July 2012. The band has ‘found themselves’ exceptionally quickly and are now a solid and cohesive unit. THE BARCODE BANDITS are dedicated to breaking away from the world’s events and walking their own path. They are the bandits of the barcode system that society follows each and every day.

Even though it’s a simple three-piece acoustic band, the powerful rock still oozes out of each and every song they perform.

Music has been the best medium for them to express their views and feelings on the universe. 

You would be forgiven for thinking that this is a young band just starting up, but each member brings a lot of experience from past and present projects. They are very familiar with the Gauteng’s music venues and are rapidly increasing their fan base with every gig they perform.

Shows and places the BarCode Bandits have performed:

Arcade Empire

Tanz Live

Schivas (playing with KINKY ROBOT top SA band on Scene)

Centurion High (Against Spilling Blood for Rhinos)

Railways (with international artist Brett Newski)

Rumours Lounge

Knight & Dragon





Zeplins Rock Shack

Catch them on facebook - TheBarCodeBandits